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A great business starts with a great partnership.

We are here to offer you access to first Belgium based multivendor online platform, so you can start a great strategy in order to sell or to buy a large variety of products.

Qpon is your next best search engine when it comes to finding the best deals in Belgium. From sophisticated gadgets to simple items, Qpon is offering both buyers and sellers a trustworthy and a user-friendly platform to close deals and make smart choices.

It’s time to act fast and think smart when it comes to selling or buying.

We started this online platform with the goal of connecting buyers and sellers in Belgium. If you are interested in selling your product, you are more than welcome to sign up on our platform and post your ad. This way, thanks to our marketing strategy, your product will be seen by everyone who is interested in that particular item you are selling.

As a buyer, you will find yourself in the privileged position of buying from a verified buyer and all your personal information will be safe. We got everything covered.

Let’s focus on making money.

The online shopping market is increasing as we speak and almost everyone is using the internet to sell or to buy different items. Qpon is the place where anyone can make money. If you are a seller, you will be able to find customers for your item in no time. As a buyer, you will be able to buy that product you are looking for at an affordable price. This is the place where we all make the best deals because we all want to make money. We are offering everyone a place where they can sell and buy fast and safe.

Our mission is to attract all buyers on our platform because here, they will find all the customers in Belgium.

Marketing strategy

First of all, everyone using our platform once will use it forever because our loyalty program is the best offer one can get either a buyer or a seller. The social media strategy we are using, offers us the possibility to reach to everyone in the country, so your product can be seen by everyone who has the interest in buying that particular item.

Your best business partner or your best friend.

Why a business partner?

If you are a producer, a crafter or you just want to do e-commerce, Qpon can serve your needs. Instead of creating a website, you can use our platform and take advantage of our professional marketing strategy to sell your products. This will save you a lot of money and time. All you need is to post your products and let us do the magic. We’ll attract customers to your ad so you can make sales.

Why a best friend?

If you just want to sell a product or to buy a product, Qpon is your best friend because we will always be there to offer you the support you need. Post your product or search for your desired product and with a few clicks, you will make a great deal.

Who we are?

Qpon is a team of leaders in the e-commerce industry. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we have created a large variety of online shops and we established profitable marketing strategies in order to create and promote brands. Qpon is the result of years of brainstorming sessions and its mission is to create the best deals for buyers and sellers. You can use our platform for simple trades or also as a tool to boost your business. Instead of making more online shops, we decided to make one platform for everything. This is where you have to be if you want to transform clicks into sales.

How it works?

Qpon is a user-friendly platform and with just a minimum of online knowledge, everyone will be able to buy or sell a product. As a buyer, just create your personal account using your personal information and set the ad for your product or products. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us.

As a seller use our platform and find the desired product. If you don’t have a special product that you are looking for just feel free to browse through our categories and maybe you will find something interesting.

Why us?

Because we make it happen!

“If you want to sell it, we’ll sell it. If you want to buy, you’ll find it.”

We have a special program where each and every merchant is carefully verified. As a buyer, you will only get in contact with verified and trusted sellers. Our main interest is in offering you, a buyer the safety you need when buying a product on Qpon.

If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you. Feel free to contact us!